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SwitchBlox - Small Ethernet Switch

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  • The Ethernet Switch built for Compact Tech

    Due to stock shortages, the recent version of SwitchBlox cannot perform management or PoE. Read more here.

    SwitchBlox is a small ethernet switch with five 10/100MB ports, specifically designed for space-constrained and noisy environments.

    With an overall size of 44.5mm (1.75 inches) by 44.5mm (1.75 inches), SwitchBlox is the smallest network switch in the world, making it perfect for robots, drones, or any space-limited networking application.

     Diagram showing the small ethernet switch in a typical robotics network

    Plug and play network switch

    As an unmanaged network switch, it works straight out the box, all you need to do is...

    1. Apply a 5 to 60V DC supply.
    2. Connect your devices using the included cable set.
    3. It will automatically begin forwarding packets, no coding or setup needed.


    We've squeezed all necessary Ethernet circuitry into SwitchBlox without making performance compromises. We use magnetics for improved signal integrity and electrical isolation between each ethernet bus.

    Dimensions of the micro ethernet switch, 44.5mm square


    We use Molex Picoblade connectors on all our boards to keep them tiny. All boards ship with a cable set included, which consists of...

    5 x PicoBlade to RJ-45 300mm (SKU: BB-PBRJ1-4-0.3)
    Diagram of the switchblox network cable BB-PBRJ1-4-0.3
    1 x PicoBlade to bare wires 300mm (SKU: BB-PBTL1-4-0.3)
    Diagram of the power cable used with SwitchBlox, the small ethernet switch

    Ethernet Pinout

    Below is a handy graphic that shows how we transition from a Molex Picoblade pinout to the standard RJ-45 ethernet cables. For 10/100 Mbps ethernet we use two differential channels, transmit and receive, for a total of four conductors.

    Diagram showing the pinout of the 10/100BASE-T signals on the board and on the RJ-445 connector

    Switch Management Features (VLAN, Port Mirroring)

    Management features such as VLAN (Port and tag-based) and Port Mirroring is possible on SwitchBlox by using our open-source firmware and software package. To configure this, read our software guide or get in touch for support. 

    Passive PoE injection onboard

    We’ve added circuitry to SwitchBlox that allows you to inject voltage onto any combination of the ports, simply by toggling a DIP switch on the back.

    Enabling this feature requires a 0-ohm resistor to be soldered to the board, more information can be found in the datasheet.

    PoE Selective Port Injection

  •  Input Voltage Range 5-60V (reverse protected)
    Power Consumption
    300mW (Idle), 700mW (Max)
    Output Voltage 5V, 2A (5V test results)
    5 x 10/100Mb ports
    Operating Temperature

    -30 to +70°C

    Storage Temperature -40 to +85°C
    45mm x 45mm x 18mm
    PoE 15W (IEEE 802.3af)
    HS Tariff Code 8517620000
  • SwitchBlox Datasheet
    GrabCAD 3D Models

  • SwitchBlox Dimensional Drawing PDF
    SwitchBlox Dimensional Drawing DXF