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SwitchBlox, made in the USA

SwitchBlox USA is our standard 5 port 10/100M ethernet switch but with a supply chain based entirely within the USA. We created this variant of the board for customers who care deeply about the security of their supply chain, and also want to support the redevelopment of the USA's manufacturing industry. More specifically, this means:

  • The boards are manufactured in Houston, Texas
  • The active chips are sourced from either Digi-Key, Mouser, or directly from our European distributors
  • The passive chips are sourced only from Digi-Key or Mouser
  • All passive components are sourced from Digi-Key or Mouser.

This board allows our customers to build NDAA compliant systems without needing to worry about Chinese based supply chains, which are becoming increasingly risky for many critical national applications.

SwitchBlox is a small ethernet switch with five 10/100MB ports, specifically designed for space-constrained and noisy environments.

With an overall size of 44.5mm (1.75 inches) by 44.5mm (1.75 inches), SwitchBlox is the smallest network switch in the world, making it perfect for robots, drones, or any space-limited networking application.


Covered by our standard 2 year warranty https://botblox.io/content/Warranty_Statement.pdf