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Exact Same SwitchBlox Functionality, -40°C to 85°C operating range

SwitchBlox Industrial is an upgrade to our SwitchBlox board that provides the same functionality with a wider qualified temperature range, a smaller form factor and basic switch management features.

SwitchBlox Industrial can be used as a drop in replacement for SwitchBlox for applications that run at wider temperatures. In many cases it is also a smaller alternative to SwitchBlox Rugged (when the upper 105°C limit is not required).

We developed SwitchBlox Industrial for three main reasons. Firstly we wanted to upgrade our initial SwitchBlox design to improve upon size, performance and temperature range. We also wanted to help mitigate some of the stock issues on our rugged boards by providing a "middle-ground" alternative between the standard and rugged series. Finally we wanted to offer switch management.

Same five 10/100Mbps, smaller size

SwitchBlox Industrial provides the same five 10/100Mbps ethernet ports as SwitchBlox, however it achieves this in a 38mm (1.49 inch) square rather than a 44.5mm (1.75 inch) square.

We achieved by applying some of the design techniques we have learnt since designing SwitchBlox, namely our inter-layer differential trace placement, surface mount transformers, and optimal copper plane heat dissipation.

SwitchBlox Industrial has four M2 (2.2mm) holes for mounting into an application. This is different to the M3 holes used on the variety of our other boards.

Industrial Temperature Range

All parts on SwitchBlox Industrial are rated to operate from -40°C to 85°C, meaning the board can be used in more demanding applications that SwitchBlox. This is achieved by using industrially rated silicon and passives on the board.

Passive PoE is back!

SwitchBlox Industrial now implements the Passive PoE function that was originally present on SwitchBlox. This feature means the power input applied to SwitchBlox can be routed to any or all of its powers to power downstream devices. Which ports are connected is selected by way of a DIP switch on the front of the board. Note that a single 0R resistor needs to be soldered to the board to enable this feature.

Switch Management is back

SwitchBlox Industrial can be configured using ARIES, our switch management software.

Learn About ARIES

LED signal breakout is now available in Revision B

All revision B and above versions of SwitchBlox Industrial (BB-SWI-B-1) now include an LED signal breakout header on the back of the board. This allows the LED signals to be broken out for driving external LEDs.

Each line puts a 1kΩ in series with each LED cathode.


The connector used on the board is 5037630691 (Molex PicoLock) which mates with 5037640601 using crimp 5037650098. A premade cable, 0151320605 can be purchased to interface with this connector. This cable configuration is identical to the LED breakout header on SwitchBlox Rugged, meaning SwitchBlox Industrial can be used as a drop-in replacement for SwitchBlox Rugged.

5-60V input range with 5V, 1.5A output + power protection

Much like SwitchBlox, SwitchBlox Industrial can run from a wide voltage range from 5-60V. SwitchBlox Industrial also provides overvoltage and reverse polarity protection while also providing a regulated 5V power output with up to 1.5A current sourcing ability.


Input Voltage Range 5-60V (reverse protected)
Power Consumption 300mW (Idle), 800mW (Max)
Output Voltage 5V, 2A (5V test results)
Ports 5 x 10/100Mb ports
Operating Temperature

-40 to +85°C

Storage Temperature -40 to +85°C
Dimensions 38mm x 38mm x 9.2mm
PoE 15W (IEEE 802.3af)
HS Tariff Code 8517620000

Covered under the BotBlox Supply Guarantee Program

This board is covered by our supply guarantee, which guarantees availability and low lead times until at least 2028. Read more about the BotBlox Supply Guarantee Program.

Custom Cables

All our boards are shipped with the required 0.3 meter power and data cables included, so you do not need to purchase extra cables. However if you need custom cable lengths for your application, you can order those here

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