SwitchBlox Cable Adapter for Ardupilot

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Connector and pinout conversion

Ethernet connectivity is not yet standardized in the Ardupilot ecosystem, with a number of different connector and pinouts co-existing. To solve this problem, we have developed a simple cable adapter board that converts between our ethernet pinout and a number of other common connector pinouts.

This cable adapter board targets the following devices in the Ardupilot ecosystem.

NextVision Trip 2, Trip 5 and Trip 6

Uses JST-GH 1.25mm 5 pin

Skydroid H16 AirUnit Radio

Uses JST-GH 1.25mm 5 pin

Pixhawk6X and 5X

Uses JST-GH 1.25mm 4 pin (with the same pinout as SwitchBlox Ardupilot)




Uses JST-GH 4



Siyi Cameras

Uses JST-GH 1.25mm 8 pin 




JST-GH 1.25mm 5 pin



CubeRed Carrier Board

Industrial Mini I/O - D1