About BotBlox


Founded in 2017, UK-based BotBlox has pioneered the world's most tough, ultra-compact hardware to fuel advancements in the field of aerospace, defense, mobile robotics and subsea engineering. Put simply, we aim to create the world's best hardware for Size, Weight, Power and Cost sensitive applications.

Our Technology

BotBlox focuses on ethernet and specialises in taking traditionally large/costly hardware and shrinking it down while reducing the cost. We can do this by using the newest advances in networking silicon, and our deep expertise in hardware and firmware engineering. We increasingly develop hardware to make use of newer standards such as Single Pair Ethernet and 10GBase-T, to achieve faster data rates in smaller form factors.

Research, Design and Test

Our UK-based lab is responsible for our hardware design, board testing, research and firmware development. We design all our boards inhouse and have an intimate knowledge of the electronics and firmware of our systems. This means we can provide a deep level of technical support on our products; we also like to work closely with our customers on integration of our systems.


Our boards are manufactured either in the USA or China with our long term manufacturing partners. Our manufacturers are RoHS and ISO 9001 certified and we're able to quickly scale up production volumes to accomodate our customers' needs. Each unit undergoes a full functional test prior to shipment.


We are acutely aware of the environmental issues related to running our business and accordingly have taken steps to reduce the use of plastic and non-biodegradable material in our packaging of BotBlox products. Almost all our packaging can be recycled or reused.

We also re-use all bubble wrap or foam plastic when it’s been sent to us in previous shipments.

The BotBlox Benefit

By using our boards, you're reducing:

  1. Space in your application
  2. Time to market for your systems
  3. Cost of developing your own solution

This means your system is better, delivered faster, with less cost. 

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Important Information

Official Company Name: Kapek Ltd

Address: 4 Pavilion Court 600 Pavilion Drive,
Northampton Business Park,

VAT Number: GB312029845
EORI Number: GB070674804000
DUNS: 224463793
CAGE Code: U1VJ2
NAICS: 334111

Why do I sometimes receives emails from a kapek.org domain?

Kapek Ltd is the official name of our business, BotBlox is just a trading name. That means that sometimes you will receive support emails from a kapek.org domain. This is nothing to worry about, and in fact the emails from kapek.org and botblox.org come from the same mailbox.

The reason for this is that BotBlox grew out of the consultancy business called Kapek Ltd, and now is the sole business of Kapek Ltd. We decided to keep our existing domain as they are still useful for business purposes.

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