Design and Integration Services

Design and Integration Services

Many of our products are modules and SOMs that can be directly integrated into custom applications. Achieving this means our customers often need support in their application, ranging from basic integration questions all the way to full turnkey custom design and manufacture.

To assist with the full custom design, we have partnered with IOwnT Design, a consultancy that specialises in the design of high speed interfaces for IOT, Healthcare and Military applications. BotBlox and IOwnT have been working closely together on customer projects and each have a close understanding of each other's products and services, allowing us to deliver rapid and high quality hardware to our customers.



If you are interested in starting a custom project, please get in touch directly with IOwnT using the contact details below. Alternatively, you can contact us at

Itzhaq Barr
Founder & System Architect
Phone: +1-905-744-0099, +972-52-4350099