SPEBlox (1GBASE-T1) - Tiny Single Pair Ethernet Converter

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What is SPEBlox?

SPEBlox is the world's first Gigabit (1000BASE-T) to Single Pair Ethernet (1000BASE-T1) converter in a tiny (30mm x 30mm) form factor, designed for direct integration into space-constrained networks.

SPEBlox Front

It functions as a transparent bridge between standard gigabit ethernet networks and single pair ethernet networks, working out the box without any software configuration. In other words, Standard GigaBit ethernet on one side (8 wires), GigaBit Single Pair ethernet on the other side (2 wires).

SPEBlox Network

SPEBlox Network 2

Read our 1000BASE-T1 Single Pair Ethernet Test Writeup for information on maximum cabling length.

Why use Single Pair Ethernet?

You can cut down your cabling by a factor of 4 while still achieving gigabit ethernet rates. The implications of this are massive in space-constrained networking applications like drones and robots.
Diagram showing the reduction in cabling possible with single pair ethernet

SPEBlox can be used to upgrade a standard gigabit network into a single pair ethernet network to achieve a 4x reduction in the cabling needed. The board comes preloaded with all firmware to make it work, meaning there only configuration you need to do is flip a switch on each board (one board must be master and the other board must be slave). That's it.

Single Pair Ethernet is a very new technology that has not yet achieved significant market penetration. At BotBlox, we intend to change that; the benefits are just too great.

This board is just our first product to make use of Single Pair Ethernet. We will be developing more boards in the future to further make use of this amazing technology.

Why use SPEBlox?

The main purpose of this board is to help our customers build proof-of-concept systems using Single Pair Ethernet. Think of SPEBlox as a development board that also happens to be directly integrateable into your product. 

Simply drop the board into your system to replace bulky 4 pair connections and test your system!

SPEBlox also allows you to test PoDL (Power over Data Line) which allows voltage to be transmitted along with data. This feature is still in testing.

Use with other BotBlox Products

SPEBlox can be combined with our GigaBlox to allow a single pair ethernet connection within a standard gigabit ethernet network. This can be useful when one connection is has a conductor limitation (like in a slip ring, for example).

This combination can also be used to aggregate multiple 1Gbps devices onto a single twisted pair connection. This approach can be useful for reducing cabling to sensor payloads.

Diagram showing a single pair ethernet connection wired directly into a switch


Why is the price so high?

The short answer? Chip shortages. We're not joking when we say that the cost of one of the chips we use, usually priced at $4, has been jacked up to $105! As a result, we've had to massively increase the cost to match that cost. 

We will reduce our price as we the chip shortages abate in late 2022.



Input Voltage Range 5-40V (65V Transient)
Power Consumption 1.4W
Ports 1 x 1GBASE-T + 1 x 1GBASE-T1
Transmission Length 22 meters (more info)
Operating Temperature -20 to +85°C
Storage Temperature -40 to +125°C
Dimensions 30mm x 30mm x 7mm
Port connectors 1 x PicoBlade 2 pin + 1 x PicoBlade 8 pin



SPEBlox Rev E Datasheet

SPEBlox CAD Model






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