SPEBlox-Long (10BASE-T1L) - 10Mbps, 1km range, single pair

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SPEBlox-Long is a communication device that provides 10Mbps at extremely long cable runs up to 1,000m (1km) over simple twisted pair copper cable.

This technology uses the 10BASE-T1L specification, and this board aims to provide a cheaper and simpler way of achieving reasonably low bandwidth communication over very long cable runs.

SPEBlox-Long is 31mm x 31mm and provides a standard 10BASE-T ethernet connection on Picoblade header (much like our other products). The 10BASE-T1L (single pair ethernet) connection is placed onto a screw terminal for full flexibility of cable types. The board is powered by any voltage from 5-60V and draws around 500mW (0.5W) of power at full operation.

Diagram showing two 10BASE-T1L converters connected over a single pair of conductors

SPEBlox-Long is perfect for the following applications:

  • Tethers for under water robots
  • Factory communication infrastructure
  • Any application requiring a simple, low cost, robust connection between physically disparate devices 

No customer configuration is required on SPEBlox-Long, however an STM32 microcontroller is embedded onboard for communication management options.

This board is shipped with the following cables:

  • A Molex PicoBlade to Tinned Leads, 4 way, 300mm for power input
  • A Molex PicoBlade to RJ45, 4 way, 300mm for ethernet connectivity
  • A Molex PicoBlade to Molex PicoBlade, 4 way, 300mm for interconnection with our 10/100BASE-T switches

The single pair ethernet connection can be made via the screw terminal using any single pair cable. We recommend using 28AWG, or any CAT6+ type conductor pair.

What cable should I use?

10BASE-T1L is a little more sensitive that 10BASE-T or VDSL when it comes to cabling type. We've found it important to use good quality CAT5-E (or higher) cabling with a known differential impedance of 100 Ohms. The general rule is, if the cable comes with a published specification sheet, then it's likely a high quality cable. You do not need to use shielded CAT5-E, though if your environment consists of lost of EMI, shielded cable is better.

Here is a link to the type of cable we use in our 1km test, and here is the test data of that cable.


Input Voltage Range 5-60V 
Power Consumption 0.5-1W
Ports 1 x 10BASE-T + 1 x 1GBASE-T1L
Operating Temperature 0 to +85°C
Storage Temperature -40 to +125°C
Dimensions 31mm x 31mm x 17mm
Port connectors 1 x screw terminal + 1 x PicoBlade 8 pin



SPEBlox-Long Rev A Preliminary Datasheet

SPEBlox Long CAD Model