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GigaBlox Nano PicoConn

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This is the PicoBlade stackable breakout board for GigaBlox Nano.

This board routs the four ports of GigaBlox Nano onto four PicoBlade headers (the same type as used on the standard GigaBlox). Power for GigaBlox Nano is routed onto a PicoBlade header. The pinout used is the same as on our GigaBlox.

This product ships with the following cables:

4 x PicoBlade to RJ-45 300mm (SKU: BB-PBRJ1-8-0.3)

Image showing the mapping from Picoblade to RJ45 on the GigaBlox Cables


1 x PicoBlade to bare wires 300mm (SKU: BB-PBTL1-4-0.3)

Image showing the power cable

Design files for this board can be found below:
GigaBlox Nano PicoConn Design Files