GigaBlox Nano NDAA Compliant

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GigaBlox Nano NDAA Compliant (BB-GGN-A-1-NDAA) DATASHEET

GigaBlox Nano NDAA, now EO13981 and NDAA compliant

GigaBlox Nano NDAA is our one inch GigaBit ethernet switch but with a supply chain based outside of the four adversary countries listed in Executive Order EO13981 (these are Iran, Russian, China and North Korea). 

This board is part of our first stage to move away from a Chinese based supply chain, to meet the needs of our customers who must ensure NDAA and EO13981 compliance in their UAS systems. Read more about our efforts here.

  • The boards are manufactured in Thailand
  • The active chips are sourced from either Digi-Key, Mouser, or directly from our European distributors
  • The passive chips are sourced only from Digi-Key or Mouser
  • All passive components are sourced from Digi-Key or Mouser

This board allows our customers to build NDAA and EO13981 compliant UAS systems with no extra work. We are able to provide full Certificate of Conformities, Bill of Materials and Traceability statements to ensure this. Please note, there is no design difference between this board, and our standard GigaBlox Nano. For datasheets and technical specifications, please refer to the information on our standard GigaBlox Nano page.

BlueUAS Compliance

This hardware is fully NDAA compliant and can be used to build BlueUAS compliant UAS systems. Read more about this here.