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Custom Product Variant (CPV)

We design our boards with ubiquity and universality in mind, but sometimes it's not enough for specialist customer applications which require custom changes. For this we offer the BotBlox Custom Product Variant (CPV) process to cover the vast majority of custom changes to our boards.

We offer a variety of specific customisations, which usually include:

  • Connector changes or repositioning
  • Board shape and mount hole changes
  • Breakout of LED signals
  • Breakout of power rails
  • Custom voltage input ranges
  • Conformal coating (standard series)
  • Addition of extra ports
  • Addition of extra functionality

This process starts with a brief initial consultation over email, after which we will produce a proposal with a cost and lead time. Once accepted, most design changes can be completed within 1-2 weeks, and manufacture within 4-6 weeks. We offer a first article inspection service before beginning volume manufacturing, and we can offer a relatively low minimum order quantity (40 pcs usually) to reduce overall cost.

Our standard warranty applies to any Custom Product Variants in the same way as it does to our standard product range. 

To start the process, please complete the Application Engineer Request form with your initial requirements.

For full custom product design, we offer a full custom product design service.