UbiSwitch Baseboard

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Expected release date is 15th May 2023

The UbiSwitch Baseboard is a compact connectivity breakout board for the BotBlox UbiSwitch Module that provides 8 x 10/100/1000Mbps (gigabit) ethernet ports on Molex Picoclasp headers and 3 x 10G SFP cages. This allows UbiSwitch to be quickly tested and deployed in a networking application.

This solution, when combined with the UbiSwitch Module, provides an unprecendented level of networking density, designed to enable high throughput data links in space limited applications such as inside drones, subsea robots or compact robotics.

The UbiSwitch Baseboard contains magnetics on all 8 gigabit ethernet ports for full signal isolation. The board is powered by a pigtail to Molex PicoClasp that can accept a voltage range from 7 to 60V, with reverse polarity and overvoltage protection, making it suitable to be run direct from an unclean bus voltage. Voltage regulation onboard the baseboard ensures that the UbiSwitch module receives a clean power voltage.

The Molex PicoClasp connectors feature a positive locking feature, a major improvement over Molex PicoBlade, making it more suitable for vibration sensitive environments.

The design files of the UbiSwitch baseboard will be released publicly so it can serve as a reference design for custom boards using the UbiSwitch module.

This product is currently in development, and thus the dimensions of the final board are likely to be smaller than what is shown here. 

Custom Cables

BB-UD1-A-1 Datasheet
BB-UD1-A-1 Open Source Design Files
UbiConn Dimensional Drawing PDF
UbiConn Dimensional Drawing DXF