PoEBlox - Compact 360W PoE Switch

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4 GigaBit Ethernet Ports with up to 90W per port PoE

PoEBlox is a daughterboard that adds full active PoE capability to our range. It is designed as a power delivery daughterboard for GigaBlox Nano, which together forms a 4 port gigabit ethernet switch with PoE capability up to 90W per port.

PoEBlox achieves this with the use of an active PSE controller, onboard power FETs, and high power rated RJ45 jacks, all while retaining a very compact form factor.

This system can provide data and power to any standard PoE device, drastically simplifying the construction of PoE based embedded systems.

PoE Standards

PoEBlox features a fully featured PSE controller that is compatible with all current active PoE standards detailed below.

PoE Name IEEE Standard Maximum power output per port
PoE IEEE 802.3af 15.4W, 2 pair
PoE+ IEEE 802.3at 30W, 2 pair
PoE++ IEEE 802.3bt (Type 3) 60W, 4 pair
PoE++ IEEE 802.3bt (Type 4) 90W, 4 pair


PoEBlox complies with the IEEE PoE standards, and therefore only applies power to a port after the PoE negotiation with a connected device is complete.

This means that PoEBlox will not work with non-standard PoE (where voltage is simply injected on the ethernet lines without negotiation). In these cases, a simple PoE injector can be used. 

PoE is instead designed for advanced power hungry devices that comply with the active PoE standards.


PoEBlox requires no manual setup; simply assemble it with GigaBlox Nano, apply power (between 48-54V), and connect downstream devices. PoEBlox will then begin automatic negotiation with any connected devices to decide how much power to apply to each port.


PoEBlox Datasheet