Posted by Josh Elijah on 16th Jul 2021

SwitchBlox 5V Output Performance

IntroductionSwitchBlox contains a 5V output that can be used for powering downstream devices. This is a really useful feature, so we wanted to provide more quantified data on how this 5V output perfor …

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Posted by Aaron Elijah on 5th Jul 2021

Introduction to SwitchBlox Test Rig

We introduced SwitchBlox, the world’s smallest Ethernet switch in 2017 and it’s been used in a variety of applications from subsea robots, weather balloons and compact industrial infrastructure. To su …

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Posted by Aaron Elijah on 4th Jul 2021

BotBlox Management Software Release

Quick LinksFirmware on GitHubVisit GitHub for Firmware implementationSoftware on GitHubVisit GitHub for Software implementationCLI DocumentationVisit Notion for DocumentationVideo DemonstrationVisit Y …

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