Case study - Vision iO

Founded in 2008, Vision iO is one of the most exciting and innovative suppliers of cameras and visual logging technology in the industry. Their technology is based on years of continuous R&D and cooperation with large oil operators and services providers.

The challenge faced by Vision iO

As an alternative to fiber, Vision ReadyCAM® previously used a form of power line communication (IEEE 1901 – Homeplug AV) but after struggling with poor noise immunity, aging, and a lack of public documentation, they needed a new solution to meet their requirements for their specific industrial environment, including:

  • Reach 1 km
  • Minimum 10Mbps bandwidth
  • Good noise immunity
  • Open documentation
  • Open hardware
  • High stability

BotBlox’s solution

To address these challenges, Vision iO turned to BotBlox and our SPEBlox-Long device. This solution offered 10Mbps bandwidth at extremely long cable runs up to 1km over simple twisted pair copper cable. BotBlox’s solution, which uses the 10BASE-T1L specification, provides a very stable way of achieving 10Mbps bandwidth communication over long cable runs. 



The SPEBlox-Long proved to be highly effective, with Vision iO achieving all of their metrics including a reach of 625m, high stability, and good noise immunity. The BotBlox solution was also easy to implement, with helpful resources such as test data, datasheets, and CAD models easily accessible on the website.

The SPEBlox-Long has proven to be an ideal solution for a range of applications including tethers for underwater robots, factory communication infrastructure, and any application requiring a simple, low-cost, and robust connection between physically disparate devices. 

Vision iO is highly satisfied with the results of their implementation and plans to use BotBlox’s product for similar future designs. With this success, we look forward to continuing to support Vision iO's future innovations in the field of camera and visual logging technology.