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SwitchBlox Nano, made in the USA

SwitchBlox Nano our standard 3 port 10/100M ethernet switch but with a supply chain based entirely within the USA. We created this variant for customers who care deeply about the secuirty of their supply chain and also want to support the redevelopment of the USA's manufacturing industry. More specifically, this means:

  • The boards are manufactured in Houston, Texas
  • The active chips are sourced from either Digi-Key, Mouser, or directly from our European distributors
  • The passive chips are sourced only from Digi-Key or Mouser
  • All passive components are sourced from Digi-Key or Mouser.

This board allows our customers to build NDAA compliant systems without needing to worry about Chinese based supply chains, which are becoming increasingly risky for many critical national applications.

With an overall size of 25.5mm (1 inch) by 25.5mm (1 inch), SwitchBlox Nano is designed for truly space-constrained applications that need compact, robust ethernet connectivity.

SwitchBlox Nano runs from a wide input voltage of 5 to 45V and outputs an auxiliary 5V, 1A output. These features make SwitchBlox Nano ideal limited internal volumes.

Plug and play network switch

As an unmanaged network switch it works straight out the box, all you need to do is...

  1. Apply a 5 to 45V DC supply.
  2. Connect your devices using the included cable set.
  3. It will automatically begin forwarding packets, no coding or setup is needed.


By utilising surface mount transformers, and a dense layout we've squeezed three ethernet ports into a 1x1 inch square. SwitchBlox Nano boards are fully tested to perform data rates of up 100MB/s.

Tiny Ethernet Switch with dimensions 25.5mm square


We use Molex Picoblade connectors on all our boards to keep them tiny. All boards ship with a cable set included, which consists of...


3 x PicoBlade to RJ-45 300mm (SKU: BB-PBRJ1-4-0.3)

SwitchBlox Dad Cable

1 x PicoBlade to bare wires 300mm (SKU: BB-PBTL1-4-0.3)

Ethernet Pinout

Ethernet Pinout

SwitchBlox Nano has an STM32 microcontroller onboard, allowing basic switch management functions such as VLAN (port and tag based) and Port Mirroring.

This allows the creation of a very small traffic sniffer or VLAN tag stripper. 

To configure this, read our software guide or get in touch for support. 


Input Voltage Range 5-45V 
Power Consumption 300mW (Idle), 500mW (Max)
Output Voltage 5V, 1A (5V Test Results)
Ports 3 x 10/100Mb ports
Operating Temperature 0 to +70°C
Storage Temperature -40 to +85°C
Dimensions 25.5mm x 25.5mm x 10mm
HS Tariff Code 8517620000



SwitchBlox Nano Datasheet

BB-AN-0002 SwitchBlox Nano Handling and Mounting Application Note

GrabCAD 3D Models

SwitchBlox Nano USA Certificate of Conformity

SwitchBlox Nano USA Country of Origin Certificate

Dimensional Drawings

SwitchBlox Nano Dimensional Drawing PDF
SwitchBlox Nano Dimensional Drawing DXF

Custom Cables

All our boards are shipped with the required 0.3 meter power and data cables included, so you do not need to purchase extra cables. However if you need custom cable lengths for your application, you can order those here


Covered by our standard 2 year warranty https://botblox.io/content/Warranty_Statement.pdf