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Board Solutions

Each customer application has differing requirements, and although we design our boards to be as ubiquitous as possible, we understand sometimes a custom design is the only way to meet requirements (especially in limited space and weight applications). 

We offer a Custom Product Variant (CPV) process to cover a large range of minor customisations our customers may require, such as:

  • Connector changes or repositioning
  • Board resizing
  • Breakout of LED signals and management interfaces
  • Additional power breakouts
  • Addition of extra functionality (Wi-Fi, Serial)
  • Conformal coating (on standard series boards)

By leveraging our existing design experience, we can generally offer these services at a low cost or at no cost for larger order volumes.

For truly unique and custom board designs, we also offer a custom design and build service.

Cabling Solutions

To save time for our customers we offer a Custom Cable Service (CCS). We can offer a quote and lead time on any type of cable, specifically made to requirements.