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Welcome to our new site!

Welcome to our new site!

You may have noticed it's looking a little different around here. Well that's because we've been busy migrating away from our old Wordpress based site onto this new Shopify site. 

You may also notice our order emails are a little different, but other than that our operation remains unchanged.

We made this change for a few reasons...


When we started BotBlox in 2017, we built our own site using wordpress from scratch. At that time we were a tiny startup with a handful of customers, and we didn't need much functionality or integrations on our site.

Since January 2020, our business has grown considerably and we are now building out a whole host of tools to help with custom orders, order fulfillment, inventory management and countless other features. We found that while Wordpress can facilitate this functionality, it quickly became bloated and difficult to manage. Supporting a site that contains multiple plugins can become a nightmare and even lead to security issues.

Shopify allows us to scale much more easily thanks to the myriad extensions that are all supported as part of the ecosystem. Essentially we no longer need to worry about crashing our ecommerce backend when adding new features.


Our old website was slow… 4-7 second loading times were standard, and 21 second loading times were not unusual. This was partially due to the excess plugins we had used to support our operation, but also due to poor server hosting. Hopefully you’ll notice that our new site is snappy, loads in 1 second or less and is in general a much less frustrating experience.


This is a big one; adding third party plugins to a wordpress site increases the chances of data breaches and hacks. This is not a problem if one has the knowledge to properly use CSS, Javascript and HTML files, but we’re a hardware company first, not a software company. All we want from our ecommerce solution is something that works well and is inherently secure. Shopify is is PCI compliant and handles the full payment gateway. It also integrates directly with Stripe and Paypal. While we were previously PCI compliant and used Stripe as the payment gateway, outsourcing the whole payment process to Shopify gives us less to worry about.

What about the old site?

All products and ecommerce services are now on our new site here. It’s all up and running and ready to go! We’ll be moving the old content (posts, forum and pages) to this site incrementally.